ROMANIA  May 2007

From the 6th to the 12th of August 2007 the European School of Urbanism and Architecture (ESUA) held a town planning workshop in Bran in Romania, developing the first SmartCode for a European community.

The test course had 13 international ESUA partner representatives and 18 Romanian and Norwegain students participating. The test course was finalised with a study trip of Transilvania to relate the project to restoration crafts training and cultural heritage.

On multiple levels the workshop has been a great success:

1. The ESUA project has advanced a great deal in the production of itís curriculum, with a sketch setup produced for the curriculum handbook.

2. The test course was overall rated as a success by itís students and professional participants, with students feeling an impact by their course on both their future career and their current university education.

3. The test course achieved itís promise to the local community of Bran by producing a proposal for a new town plan and coding regulations in the form of a new SmartCode adapted to Bran.

By achieving all itís three main goals, the Bran test course shows that it is possible to combine education (of the students), research (development of the curriculum) and practical field work (town plan and SmartCode) into one event for the mutual benefit of all involved. The test course has given valuable feedback for developing new courses in sustainable, context-based urban design not currently taught in Europe.

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Proposed masterplan for the centre of Bran. Proposed new buildings are highlighted red, existing buildings are shown in brown. The extension of the town is defined by a proposed new civic square and a proposed new throughfare. Image: ESUA

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New Urban News:

A Romanian town with a famous castle hosts a charrette, and helps set a path for European architectural education.  

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Final report

Customizing the SmartCode for the Bran Town Code

The Bran Town Code is a development ordinance and architectural design code.

The code was prepared in August 2007 by an international team during a six-day planning charrette in Bran, Romania. Team members came from Romania, Norway, Belgium, and the United States. Two previous charrettes were held in Bran in the summers of 2005 and 2006, with many of the same team members. A regional land use study, a local master plan, and architectural typological studies were produced.

Finally, the team created a regulating plan for new zoning and design standards and customized this code for the municipality.

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The students'
Feedback report:

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