How to Use This Module

This is an introductory e-learning module for the series of courses in urbanism and architecture known as the "European School of Urbanism and Architecture."  The programme was designed for new students to the professional study of urbanism, and for professionals who wish to increase their level of understanding of important new topics in best practice. 

If this is your first time learning about this subject, and you find this module interesting, you will have the option to take more modules on line in the future. But this on-line element is really only a part of the full course of study.  This module is designed to be integrated with a hands-on learning programme that will allow you to learn in the most effective way known: "learning by doing".  You will have the opportunity to participate in field studies of actual urban projects, working alongside leading practitioners, and using the latest tools and techniques.

This introductory module is specifically designed for those entering the programme for the first time, or those considering the programme who would like to try a course.

The full project-based curriculum is now in the pilot phase, and is planned to be launched as a full-time programme after several years of development.  This e-learning course is a beta-test unit, and comes in the form of a downloadable Microsoft Word document.  Future versions will be fully on line, and are now being developed through the Education and Disemination in Urbanism, Architecture and Crafts (EDUAC).

Since this is a beta test version, we will be very interested to get your comments on the course and the materials.

Each e-learning module begins with a short reading, then gives you links to additional reading.  The final examination includes a short multiple-choice section, and a written essay portion that you can email to the course instructor as a text document.  


Download the two PDF documents, the course and the examination.  Read the course, and the additional study materials that are indicated with links.  When ready, complete the separate examination document, including the multiple choice and essay sections.  Select the correct multiple choice answer by changing the correct entry to bold text.  Type in your essay answers.  Type in your name and email address, and save the form with your last name as the file name.  Email the completed form to the course instructor, Michael Mehaffy, at michael (dot) mehaffy at gmail.com.  You can also email the course instructor with questions or comments.










Whatever Happened to Urbanism?

An Introductory Course in
the Principles of Sustainable Urban Design
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Examination Questions
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Introductory e-learning Module

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May 2007

August 2007

Bjørvika, Oslo
January 2008

June 2008

Rauland and Ramme
August 2008